Every year May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness and is a time to reflect on how we can work together to stop the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mental and behavioral health in the form of services and support for all ages, including substance use prevention and treatment, is a top priority funding area for 1889 Foundation.

In alignment with its funding priority areas, 1889 Foundation is supporting the Cambria-Somerset Mental Health Consortium’s Psychiatry/Behavioral Health ECHO. The Consortium is working in collaboration with Penn State College of Medicine on the Project ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) series. Project ECHO is internationally recognized and is an evidence-based approach to continuing education and tele-mentoring that leverages the power of sharing knowledge across miles and across disciplines.

The goal of the series is to further increase the knowledge and resources needed for local practitioners to meet the needs of patients with behavioral health disorders. The ECHO will cover topics such as managing medications, trauma informed care, bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, medical marijuana, geriatric behavioral disturbances, collaborative care relationships, and anxiety disorders. It is at no cost and CME-eligible.

The 10 sessions took place via Zoom.