1889 Foundation makes an effort to minimize sponsorships so that it can use its resources to drive focused improvements in health.

However, on a very limited basis, the Foundation will sponsor an educational event or conference that is located in Cambria or Somerset County, or provides information/resources to a large number of Cambria or Somerset County residents, and meets the following criteria:

  • promotes the Foundation’s focus areas.
  • is collaboratively organized by multiple community partners.
  • is part of a larger plan to improve community health status.
  • provides positive public awareness and visibility to our priority areas, already has substantial community support and involvement, and will reach a large audience of community members.
  • is requested by an organization that is professionally managed with a proven track record of financial stewardship.

1889 Foundation will not sponsor fundraising events or purely social events. The maximum unsolicited sponsorship in a calendar year is $500 per organization.

If your project meets the above criteria and you would like to request sponsorship from 1889 Foundation, please mail a written request and any supporting documentation to us at:

1889 Foundation
4 Valley Pike
Johnstown, PA 15905

Due to the volume of requests received, we will only respond if your request is approved.