The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health (CPH) will be holding informational sessions for organizations who would like to learn more about the implementation of the Pathways Community HUB model in the community as well as potential partnership opportunities. Partnering with the HUB is an opportunity for agencies to learn how they can expand and diversify their operational capacity, community reach, and funding stream.

The Pathways Community HUB model involves the collaboration of all community resources to reduce both medical and social barriers to care, like employment, housing and transportation, for individuals with complex health needs, such as Type II Diabetes. The HUB serves as a care coordination system for the many local agencies currently addressing health and social service needs in the region. More than 40 communities across the nation have implemented HUB models.

“HUBs partner with local care coordination agencies that employ community health workers to find and connect at-risk individuals to needed services related to transportation, family support, education, and employment.  The community health workers meet with clients face-to-face, then guide them through one or more of 20 Pathways designed to address their needs,” said Sarah Redding, MD, MPH, Pathways Community HUB Institute.

Over the next several months, the CPH will be actively working with local community agencies who provide services to vulnerable populations in Cambria and Somerset counties, to develop the HUB within the region. The HUB is expected to be up and running by Spring.

Community organizations interested in learning more about this model and how they can get involved are invited to attend informational sessions, which will be held on:

Wed., Nov. 13, 1:30 pm – Central Park Complex Community Room, 110 Franklin Street, Suite 100, Johnstown

Thurs., Nov. 14, 9:00 am – Young Peoples Community Center, 300 Prave Street, Ebensburg

If you would like more information on this initiative or whether your organization may want to get involved, please call 814-535-5156 or email