On Sept. 27, a joint press conference was held to announce a $250,000 grant to the Johnstown Police Department to modernize and expand equipment. 1889 Foundation provided $150,000 of the total, while Lee Initiatives and Community Foundation for the Alleghenies contributed $50,000 each. (Sue Mann and James Hargreaves, president and board chairman of 1889 Foundation, are pictured above second and third from left, along with representatives from Lee Initiatives, Community Foundation and Johnstown police.)

The money will be used to purchase portable tablet computer computers and dashboard cameras for the department’s entire fleet of patrol cars, along with software to operate them. The equipment will provide officers with portable workstations that enable them to quickly file reports and track down vital information while on patrol. The tablet computers will be detachable, so officers can carry them to a crime scene to photograph evidence. In addition, the donation will fund the purchase of three entirely new patrol cars.

1889 Foundation is delighted to have supported this effort to assist Johnstown’s police as they work to keep our community safe!