1889 Foundation is delighted to announce that a Conemaugh School of Nursing scholarship has been set up by the Gerber family in honor and memory of their mother, Alberta Simpson Gerber, a 1947 graduate of the Conemaugh School of Nursing (Alberta is highlighted in her graduating nursing class in the image above). Although Alberta left the nursing profession to raise a family of five children, she always treasured her education and experience as a nurse. She would be humbled to know that a scholarship has been established to help others pursue a career in nursing.

The Alberta Simpson Gerber Nursing Scholarship will enable one deserving nursing student each year to benefit from the generosity of her family. Awarded to a student in their spring semester, this scholarship will assist the recipient with continuing their quality of nursing education is a century old tradition. The School of Nursing continues to thrive. At its most recent graduation held on June 27, the School celebrated the 125th anniversary of the program, which has graduated more than 4,165 student nurses since its founding.

The Class of 1947 graduated from what was formally known as the Conemaugh Valley School of Nursing. Many alumni and their families want to give back to the school to ensure the future of nursing will always be available, and we would like to extend that opportunity to you. Please support the Alberta Simpson Gerber Nursing Scholarship by donating any amount that you can to help it grow to assist nursing students with their education for years to come.