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1889 Foundation works together with the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance (PRAA) on the Creative Health Impact Grant Awards. The annual awards provide 1889 Foundation funds to support arts programs related to health and wellness in Cambria and Somerset Counties.

The program was established in 2016 from foundation funds that have been donor-designated to support arts programs.

Here is a brief overview of the grant guidelines:

  • Grants will support effective arts projects and programs related to health and wellness that are offered by non-profit organizations. Funded programs must take place in Cambria and Somerset Counties.
  • Eligible entities will apply to the PRAA for grant funding, and applications will be evaluated based on a review by the 1889 Foundation Creative Health Impact Grants Committee. Awards will range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on quality and quantity of applications.
  • Both new and established programs or projects are eligible, and collaborations between organizations are encouraged. Applicants are limited to one grant per cycle.
  • Funded activities could include but are not limited to exhibitions, performances, festivals, arts classes, and other programs that relate to health and wellness. All activities must be open to the general public. Certain forms of activities, including capital expenditures, cash prizes, and hospitality expenses, are not eligible.
  • Applications from eligible entities will be evaluated based on the strength of the proposed project’s goals, its artistic component, and its potential to positively impact the health and wellness of the community.
  • Additional considerations include the project’s management structure, budget and marketing plan.

For detailed guidelines on how to apply and an application form, visit the PRAA website.

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